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Eleven: Shadow and Light - J.J. Bende;Carisa Holmes When I won this through Goodreads, I really looked forward to its arrival as fantasy is one of my favourite genres and this was the first fantasy novel I'd won.I have to say, the general plot - normal girl finds out she has a connection with another world and can travel between it and the real world, she fulfils a prophecy in this other world and has to help save it - isn't the most original, and has probably been done to death. Yet this book is no less enjoyable for this.Mila was a really sweet character, genuinely caring, which is reflected in her special power - she has the ability to heal through touch, but this isn't just limited to people. She can heal animals and even plants, bringing whole forests back to life. I was expecting to find her best friend - fashion obsessed pre-teen - irritating, but actually the Mila/Madi combination worked very well. The chapters set in our world were just as interesting a read as those set in Graha, and the comparison between the two worlds was interesting.There were actually a couple of elements that reminded me of Avatar - the hoverdales were like egrets (the bird creatures the Na'vi ride) and the fact that the trees were linked together in a sort of network.The action and story were well-paced, plenty of explanation of what has happened and why, some good fights. I would, however, like to know more about the band of warriors Mila travels with. So far we only really know about one, so I am assuming more back stories will be revealed in the next three books. I also find it really hard to get a mental image of Mila in my head for some reason.Overall, it was a very enjoyable fantasy novel - I wouldn't call it heavy fantasy, but for those who want something to ease them into the genre or aren't into fantasy in a big way, it's the right kind of fantasy. Or if you're into heavy fantasy like me, it's a lighter, entertaining and sweet book that is definitely worth a read, and I am interested in continuing the series.I was also impressed by the personal notes inside my copy from both of the authors - I think it's really nice when ARCs/free copies come with something like that, so thanks to Carisa and J.J! I was also excited to read that I'm the first person outside of the U.S to have read the book.A couple of notes for the authors/editors too: I noticed a couple of spelling/grammar mistakes throughout the book, although nothing too major.Also posted on my blog, Rinn Reads.