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I've always been a big reader - it runs in the family. I read pretty much every genre, but my particular favourites are sci-fi and fantasy, with the occasional thriller, historical fiction or YA novel thrown in.

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The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus - Christopher Marlowe I found this a little dull to start with, due to the way it's written (why does that make me feel bad?). But it picked up when Faustus finally signed the contract. It was actually pretty funny!Here are just some of Faustus' hijinks...- Faustus often talks about himself in third person, so I was just imagining him as some sort of crazy doctor- he doesn't seem to completely realise what he's getting himself into when he signs the contract- one of the first things he does is ask Mephistophilis for a wife. He is presented with a demon in a dress- he sees an opportunity to punch the Pope in the face, and takes it. He's going to Hell anyway, so why not?- he also steals food and wine from the Pope's plate- he insults a knight by suggesting his wife is committing adultery (makes him wear horns upon his head -> cuckolding)