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Mass Effect: Ascension  - Drew Karpyshyn After finishing Mass Effect 3, I found myself wanting to immerse myself in all things Mass Effect, I suppose because the trilogy is now over, and the ending was rather disappointing. I first picked this book up in the library two years ago or so, and found it very dull. But I thought I'd try it again, and I somehow made it through.It reads like a fanfiction. Not an awful one, but not a great one either. Karpyshyn's writing style is merely mediocre. The only reason the story was remotely interesting to me is because it is set in the Mass Effect universe, and involves Grissom Academy and Kahlee Sanders, who appears in Mass Effect 3. The book is very, very simply written and there is almost a complete lack of character development.I would give this 1 star, but I've given it another simply for being Mass Effect related. Although Karpyshyn tries to explain terms to people who haven't played Mass Effect, I get the feeling that if you've never touched the games, some elements of the story might be confusing. I think a Mass Effect book series following Commander Shepard, or at least the Normandy would be great - but then there is the issue with being able to create your own custom character, both in appearance and personality. Although there are the default Shepards, they would not be Shepard to those people - like myself - who create our own versions.Also posted on my blog, Rinn Reads.