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I've always been a big reader - it runs in the family. I read pretty much every genre, but my particular favourites are sci-fi and fantasy, with the occasional thriller, historical fiction or YA novel thrown in.

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Marked - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast I'm not sure why I read this. I actually read the first three (all the books in the series my sister had), probably because I was in one of those moods where you just want to read something trashy that can be read quickly.A lot annoyed me about these books.1. Zoe. And her double standards. Everyone who does anything remotely sexual (or sometimes not even sexual) is a slut. Yet she can be seeing three guys at once, and do all the 'slutty' things and that's okay?2. The teen slang. I really HATE this in books - it's okay every so often to reenforce the teen character, but I honestly don't know any teenagers who use slang that frequently.3. The pop culture references. Are they meant to be cool?4. The mother/daughter writing team. Just. No. Embarrassing. Ugh.Yet I still read the next two... It's like when you see something really cringeworthy, but you can't look away. That's what reading these books is like.